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FIRE SAFETY REGULATIONS: New buildings Taller than 18m to require second staircase

Housing secretary Michael Gove has announced important changes to fire safety regulations for residential high-rises. The government will now require all new buildings taller than 18m to have two staircases, instead of the previously proposed 30m threshold.

At Studio FRI, we value the safety and well-being of our clients, which is why we have been closely monitoring these developments. We understand the significance of these regulations in improving fire safety for residents in high-rise buildings.

As experts in architectural services, we are committed to implementing these safety measures in our projects, ensuring that all new residential high-rises designed by Studio FRI adhere to the new two-staircase requirement. While the specific details of the government's consultation outcome are pending, Gove's confirmation emphasizes the importance of these safety standards in tall buildings.

Until now, tall buildings in England only required a single staircase, but the new regulations aim to provide added safety and resilience. Scotland has already adopted similar measures since 2019 for all buildings 18m tall or higher.

Our dedication to safety extends beyond just meeting the regulatory requirements. We are inspired by the National Fire Chiefs Council's recommendation for two staircases in all new buildings above 18m. Moreover, the recent rule introduced by the mayor of London, mandating a second staircase for buildings over 30m, further reinforces our commitment to implementing the highest safety standards.

At Studio FRI, we embrace these changes as a necessary evolution in safety standards. Our expertise enables us to seamlessly incorporate these measures into our architectural designs, ensuring that people in all our tall building projects – both new and existing – are well-protected.

We understand the importance of coherence and certainty for our clients. While implementing the new regulations, we assure our clients that the transition will not jeopardize the viability of ongoing projects. Our team will work collaboratively with industry experts and regulators to design transitional arrangements, avoiding any unnecessary delays.

As stated by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities (DLUHC), these regulations address concerns about safety standards in some tall residential buildings. Providing a second staircase offers several benefits, including added resilience for extreme events and reduced conflicts during emergencies, thus improving smoke management and residents' escape routes.

Studio FRI remains committed to excellence in architectural services, and we take pride in ensuring the utmost safety and compliance in all our projects. Our clients can trust that their high-rise developments will be designed and executed in accordance with the latest fire safety regulations, protecting the lives and well-being of future residents.

For more information about how Studio FRI can incorporate these fire safety regulations into your architectural project, contact us today. Your safety is our priority, and we are dedicated to creating spaces that not only reflect innovative design but also adhere to the highest safety standards.



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