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Studio FRI's Success in Fulwood Conservation Area Planning Application

We are delighted to share the success of Studio FRI's recent full planning application in the prestigious Fulwood Conservation Area in Preston. This triumph underscores our expertise in handling sensitive applications within conservation areas across Lancashire and the North West. (

Our design philosophy revolves around respecting the heritage of a space while infusing contemporary elements for enhanced functionality and aesthetics. From intricate replacements to thoughtful additions, our team excels in creating spaces that honor history while embracing modern living.

The project encompassed a spectrum of enhancements, each carefully curated to adhere to conservation guidelines while meeting the evolving needs of modern living:

  1. Replacement Windows and Front Door: Meticulously chosen to complement the existing architectural style while incorporating energy-efficient solutions.

  2. Installation of Rooflights: Thoughtful integration to maximize natural light without compromising the historical integrity.

  3. Patio Doors to Rear: Seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces while respecting the conservation context.

  4. Demolition of Internal Chimneys: A strategic move to enhance spatial design while ensuring structural stability.

  5. Replacement and Additional Hard Surfacing: Aesthetic improvements aligned with conservation principles, preserving the character of the area.

  6. Side Boundary Fence: Thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the existing architectural language.

Conservation Expertise: Navigating Sensitive Applications

Studio FRI takes pride in its proficiency in dealing with sensitive applications in conservation areas. Our experience across Lancashire and the North West reflects our commitment to preserving the unique character of heritage sites. Key aspects of our approach include:

  1. Heritage Sensitivity: We understand the importance of preserving historical nuances and work meticulously to ensure that our designs align with conservation principles.

  2. Collaboration with Authorities: Our team collaborates closely with local conservation authorities, ensuring a smooth and compliant planning process.

  3. Tailored Design Solutions: Every project in a conservation area demands a unique approach. Studio FRI excels in tailoring designs that seamlessly blend innovation with historical preservation.

Preserving the Past, Crafting the Future

At Studio FRI, we go beyond the ordinary, transforming spaces while preserving the essence of history. Whether you're contemplating a conservation area project or any other architectural endeavor, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with expertise and finesse.

Explore the possibilities with Studio FRI. Contact us today to embark on a journey where heritage meets modernity, creating spaces that endure and inspire.



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