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What if my planning application is rejected

If your planning application faces rejection, Studio FRI is here to guide you through the next steps, providing expert advice and support tailored to your specific situation. Let's explore what to do if your planning application gets rejected and how Studio FRI can assist you:

1. Review the Decision Notice:

Upon receiving the decision notice outlining the reasons for refusal, Studio FRI meticulously examines the document to understand the grounds for rejection thoroughly.

2. Understand the Reasons:

Our team of experienced architects and planners helps you dissect the reasons behind the refusal, deciphering planning policies and regulations cited by the local authority.

3. Assess Your Options:

Studio FRI works closely with you to assess the available options based on the refusal grounds:

a. Resubmit with Amendments:

Our architectural experts collaborate with you to address the concerns raised by the planning authority. We revise your plans, make necessary modifications to the design, and provide additional information to strengthen your application.

b. Appeal the Decision:

Should you choose to appeal, Studio FRI offers comprehensive support throughout the appeal process. We assist in preparing a robust appeal application, gathering supporting evidence, and representing your interests in hearings or inquiries.

c. Negotiate with Planning Officers:

Our team engages in constructive dialogue with planning officers, advocating for your proposal and exploring potential modifications to overcome objections.

4. Seek Professional Advice:

Studio FRI provides expert advice and guidance at every stage of the process.

Our knowledgeable team offers strategic insights, evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and recommends the most effective course of action.

5. Resubmit or Appeal within the Deadline:

With Studio FRI's proactive approach, you can rest assured that all deadlines are met, and actions are taken promptly to maximize your chances of success.

6. Consider Alternative Options:

In collaboration with Studio FRI, you can explore alternative avenues, such as modifying your proposal, leveraging permitted development rights, or identifying alternative sites for development.

By partnering with Studio FRI, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and resources dedicated to achieving a positive outcome for your planning application.

Our client-centric approach ensures that your needs are prioritized, and our solutions are tailored to your unique requirements. Don't let a planning refusal derail your project—let Studio FRI navigate the complexities of the planning process and lead you toward success.

For professional assistance with your planning application or appeal, contact Studio FRI today. As leading architects in Preston, we are committed to helping you realize your vision and overcome any obstacles standing in your way.



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