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Legal Fence Height Between Neighbours in England:

Understanding the permissible height of fences between neighbouring properties in England is crucial to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain harmonious relationships with neighbours.

At Studio FRI, we offer expert guidance to homeowners seeking to install or modify boundary structures while navigating legal requirements effectively. Here’s what you need to know about the legal fence height regulations and how Studio FRI can assist you:

1. Fence Height Abutting Highways:

When a fence borders a highway used by vehicles or its footpath, such as a public road, the maximum allowable height is restricted to one metre from ground level. This ensures adequate visibility and safety for road users. Studio FRI can help homeowners assess whether their proposed fence design complies with this regulation and offer alternative solutions if needed.

2. Fence Height in Other Situations:

In scenarios where the fence does not border a highway used by vehicles, the maximum height permitted is two metres from ground level. This applies to fences erected along property boundaries, including those separating residential properties or adjacent to footpaths not designated for vehicular traffic.

Studio FRI can assist homeowners in designing fences that meet these height requirements while aligning with their aesthetic preferences and property needs.

3. Planning Permission Requirements:

It’s important to note that planning permission is required if your fence height, including trellis, exceeds two metres (6.56ft) above ground level.

Additionally, if your fence height exceeds one metre (3.28ft) and abuts a highway used by vehicles or its pedestrian footpath, planning permission is necessary.

Studio FRI can help homeowners navigate the planning permission process and ensure compliance with regulations.

Key Considerations with Studio FRI:

Neighbour Consultation:

While not legally required, consulting with neighbours before installing or modifying fences is advisable to maintain positive relationships. Studio FRI can facilitate neighbour consultations and provide expert advice on addressing concerns and reaching mutually beneficial solutions.

Local Variations:

Planning regulations may vary between local authorities, and Studio FRI can help homeowners navigate these variations by researching and interpreting specific regulations applicable to their area.

Our team stays updated on local planning guidelines to ensure compliance with the latest requirements.

Heritage and Conservation Areas:

Properties located within heritage sites or conservation areas may have unique restrictions on fence height and design. Studio FRI offers expertise in navigating these special planning considerations while preserving the character and historical significance of the area.


Understanding the legal fence height regulations is essential for homeowners, and Studio FRI is here to provide expert guidance and support throughout the process. By partnering with Studio FRI, homeowners can ensure compliance with regulations, enhance property aesthetics, and foster positive relationships with neighbours. Contact us today for comprehensive assistance with your fencing projects.



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