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Vernacular architecture

HMO Design Specialists

Transforming traditional spaces into Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) represents a nuanced challenge in the architectural realm, one that Studio FRI meets with proficiency and innovation. With a proven track record in HMO conversion designs and planning, we bring a unique blend of creativity and regulatory acumen to redefine living spaces and maximize their potential.

Understanding HMO Conversion:

HMOs, or Houses in Multiple Occupation, are residences shared by three or more individuals who are not part of the same household but share common facilities. Converting a property into an HMO involves thoughtful design considerations, adherence to safety regulations, and an understanding of the unique needs of multiple occupants.

The Studio FRI Advantage:

  • Specialised Expertise: Studio FRI distinguishes itself with specialised expertise in HMO conversion designs. Our architects and designers understand the specific requirements and regulations governing HMOs, ensuring that every design maximizes both functionality and safety.

  • Innovative Design Solutions: HMO conversions demand a creative approach to space utilisation. Studio FRI excels in designing layouts that optimize living spaces, foster a sense of community, and enhance the overall living experience for multiple occupants.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the regulatory landscape is integral to HMO conversion projects. Studio FRI's in-depth knowledge of local planning laws, building regulations, and HMO licensing requirements ensures that every conversion adheres to legal standards, expediting the approval process.

The Process Unveiled:

  • Consultation and Needs Assessment: Our journey begins with a comprehensive consultation to understand your vision and objectives for the HMO conversion. We conduct a thorough needs assessment, considering factors such as the target demographic, spatial requirements, and safety considerations.

  • Site Evaluation: Studio FRI conducts a detailed evaluation of the property, assessing its current condition and identifying any structural or regulatory challenges. This evaluation informs our design strategy, ensuring that the proposed HMO meets both practical and regulatory standards.

  • Conceptual Design: Collaborating closely with you, our team develops a conceptual design that envisions the transformed HMO. This stage involves creative space planning, interior design concepts, and a focus on creating communal areas that foster a sense of community.

  • Planning Submission: We take charge of the planning submission, preparing comprehensive plans and documentation for regulatory approval. Studio FRI's meticulous approach minimizes delays, and our well-prepared cases stand out during the approval process.

  • Execution and Project Management: Upon approval, Studio FRI oversees the execution phase, working with contractors and stakeholders to bring the HMO conversion to life. Our project management ensures that the design is implemented with precision and meets the highest standards.

The Studio FRI Difference:

Studio FRI emerges as a leading force in HMO conversion designs and planning, offering a harmonious blend of creativity, regulatory knowledge, and a client-focused approach. If you are considering an HMO conversion project or have inquiries about the process, Studio FRI is poised to collaborate with you. Experience the Studio FRI difference, where innovative design and meticulous planning converge to redefine living spaces for multiple occupants.


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