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Kingsmuir Avenue | Preston

In the heart of Fulwood, we were tasked with transforming a property through a multifaceted planning permission project. Our scope of work included the design and implementation of various enhancements, each carefully crafted to elevate the property's overall functionality and visual appeal. The project encompassed:

1. Porch Addition to the Front:

We designed a stylish and practical porch addition to the front of the property, enhancing its curb appeal while providing a welcoming entry point for residents and visitors alike.

2. Outbuilding to the Rear:

Our design team created a versatile outbuilding at the rear of the property, offering valuable additional space for storage, leisure activities, or a home office. The outbuilding seamlessly integrates with the existing architecture, enhancing the property's overall utility and value.

3. Garage Conversion to Office:

Recognising the growing trend of remote work, we transformed the existing garage into a functional office space. Our design maximised natural light, optimised layout efficiency, and incorporated modern amenities to create an inspiring and productive work environment.

4. Installation of Electric Gates:

To enhance security and privacy, we designed and installed electric gates at the front of the driveway. The sleek and automated gates provide convenient access control while adding a touch of sophistication to the property's entrance.

5. Boundary Fencing:

Our team designed and implemented boundary fencing solutions that blend seamlessly with the property's surroundings while providing privacy, security, and aesthetic cohesion.

Our experienced architects and designers collaborate closely with clients to understand their vision, preferences, and budgetary constraints. We then develop customised design solutions that exceed expectations and enhance the functionality and beauty of their properties. Navigating the complexities of planning permission can be daunting, but with Studio FRI by your side, you can rest assured that your project will meet all regulatory requirements. We leverage our knowledge of local planning regulations and procedures to streamline the approval process and ensure compliance with all relevant guidelines.

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