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Our Services | Surveying

From surveying a house using a laser measure to more complex multi storey buildings using state of the art equipment, at Studio FRI our team has it covered.


Site Surveys

Before Starting any project, we will undertake a measured building and architectural survey. Site surveys are extremely important and are often the first step in the design process as a site survey helps to accurately define and record the as-built environment.

Drone Surveys

Drone surveys allow us to carry out building surveys and inspections in high-rise and inaccessible locations as well as collect topo data and take high quality images and videos.

Recent surveys include commercial buildings, roof surveys, high-rise residential apartments and more.

Point Cloud Surveys

Laser scanning forms a major part of our measured building service.

Using best in class technology in the Leica RTC 360 scanner our surveyors can quickly and easily scan and collect a large amount of data.  This data is the combination of millions of data points which, when put together, forms a point cloud image of the survey area. 


Utilising the latest imaging technology, we can produce 3D photographic records, making a perfect add-on to the suite of technical drawings and data you receive as part of your measured building project.

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